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We're growing fast and we need smart, talented and hard working people on our team. Net Force Syndicate is based in beautiful sunny Boulder, Colorado however we are hiring remotely for Brand Influencers.

We are a welcoming place for everyone. We work hard to make sure people feel supported, inspired, and connected. We work hard and we play hard too. Our CEO has made it his personal mission to ensure Net Force Syndicate is the most amazing place to work on the planet.

We believe work shouldn't feel like work, but it should always be fun and engaging. At Net Force Syndicate everyone is always encouraged to pursue their personal interests and work on things, teams and projects they love.

We're redefining the way consumers and companies engage. All aboard the rocket ship which is Net Force Syndicate.


Perks @ Net Force Syndicate

Perks & Benefits *some benefits will vary by location

Job icon salary

Generous salary plus profit sharing

Job icon time

Flexible work hours/schedules

Job icon health

Wellness & commuter benefits*

Job icon vacation

Open unlimited vacation policy

Job icon food

Weekly lunches and endless snacks*

Job icon network

Distributed remote netforce

Job icon massage

Monthly massage –to relax*

Job icon beer

Keg on tap in the office*

Job icon gym

Stay fit –gym reimbursement



Brand Influencer Location: Anywhere/Remote

Net Force Syndicate is a Boulder, Colorado based tech startup. We help brands engage and create real connections with interested users and customers in a real human way. A way that feels authentic and not like traditional advertising.

We’re hiring Brand Influencers (positions limited) to promote our brands, companies, digital and physical products and services via social media platforms. You should have a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Reddit accounts or a combination of those accounts with the willingness to create and participate in other platforms too.


What Makes Us Awesome

Net Force Syndicate allows small businesses and brands to rapidly gain market share and compete with large established corporations. We level the playing field so that consumers gain the advantage. We're helping promote fair social economics and free trade. This means as a Brand Influencer you'll have a real impact on our society. You'll be promoting and encouraging a free and competitive economic market place which forces larger established corporations to compete on price and innovate products instead of manipulating industries by creating legislation, lobbying, and/or making it prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses to compete and freely innovate.

Net Force Syndicate Brand Influencers are working towards a noble social economic cause and are highly compensated too. We believe this position is ideal for millennials with technological aptitude who are highly active on social media platforms. We believe the ideal Brand Influencer is a college student, recent graduate, or young working professional.


Core Responsibilities

As a Brand Influencer you will represent our brands on various social media platforms to the general public and targeted customers in order to increase awareness, create a specific image, and generate sales opportunities for our businesses.

This is not a sales position nor does it include direct selling. Your only duties include sharing, liking, creating, commenting, posting and related social media activities. You do not require any special skills or programming abilities.


More Position Details

Your focus will be on company/business, brand and product promotion as directed on our proprietary platform. Everyday you will be assigned a new set of tasks within your personal dashboard which need to be completed for the day. These tasks are your daily workload. You are required to complete your daily workload tasks everyday.

Net Force Syndicate Brand Influencers do not have fixed schedules. You do not have a manager or a direct report. Your daily tasks and workload progress is tracked and monitored in real-time on the platform and your dashboard will provide performance metrics so that you're always aware and informed about where you stand.

We expect you to be accountable and self-driven. You're free to work remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you choose throughout the day. Your daily workload will average around 15 minutes to complete.

We provide training which may include step by step pictured guides and/or video tutorials. We use slack for real-time team communication.


Minimum qualifications

  • Active on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Reddit and/or others.
  • Age range 18-35 (not required but preferred)
  • Read, write, and speak English proficiently
  • Basic math and computer skills
  • Ability to follow directions


Preferred qualifications not required*

  • 2-year college degree or 2 years of fulltime work experience
  • Personal blogging experience (wordpress or other)
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Proficiency with technology

Overwhelming Response We've received an overwhelming number of applications and we're working as diligently as we can to review and respond to everyone. Please give us at least two weeks to respond. Thank you for understanding.

To learn more about the position click the "Apply to be a Brand Influencer" below. *Applying does not guarantee a position. Positions are limited and highly competitive.


Apply to be a Brand Influencer

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Learn more about us

We're a Boulder, Colorado based startup creating opportunity for new companies to compete in established markets by leveling the playing field.

We're growing fast and have need on multiple teams so if you're excited about what we do and want to get involved, send us your resume at [email protected] (*post resume in body please, attachments will not be opened) and tell us what you'd like to do here. Also include links to your social media profiles like GitHub, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can read more about what we do on our homepage Net Force Syndicate.